State Capitol News

State Capitol News
4:36 pm
Fri July 23, 2010

New Poll Shows State Residents Divided Over What SB1070 Will Mean

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State Capitol News
4:31 pm
Thu July 22, 2010

Goddard Suggests More Effort to Crack Down on Mexican Crime Cartels

Phoenix, AZ – Goddard said the key is cracking down on the Mexican crime

(Unless you have organized criminal assistance, or are some kind
of Olympic athlete, you're going to have a very hard time getting
through a combination of hot desert, rugged terrain and border
security. And the main reason that the border is still being
penetrated and illegal folks are still getting across is because
they had criminal assistance.)

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State Capitol News
2:42 pm
Wed July 21, 2010

A Look at Tomorrow's Hearing on SB1070

Phoenix, AZ – The key relates to the fact that challengers are seeking an
injuction. Jack Chin, a law professor at the University of
Arizona, said that requires them to prove several things. One is
that they are likely to win when the case goes to trial months
from now. But Chin said judges also consider what they call the
balance of hardships.

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State Capitol News
3:11 pm
Mon July 19, 2010

First National Guard Troops Expected at the Border Next Month

Phoenix, AZ – In May the president promised to deploy 12-hundred Guard
soldiers. Since that time the Pentagon said 524 of them are going
to be stationed in Arizona. At a press conference in Washington,
National Guard Bureau Chief Gen. Craig McKinley said he doesn't
expect them to be at full strength, at least not right away.

(We believe that we'll be fully ready through the month of August
as we ramp up. But surely by September we should have our whole
forces in the field, working with our partners.)

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State Capitol News
11:57 am
Mon July 19, 2010

State Survey Shows President Losing Appeal

State Capitol News
10:39 am
Fri July 16, 2010

Poll Shows Brewer with Big Lead Over Goddard

Phoenix, AZ – The Behavior Research Center survey finds Brewer the choice of 45
percent of registered voters questioned, versus just 25 percent
for Goddard. Pollster Earl de Berge said the governor is riding a
wave of popularity because of her support for the state's tough
new immigration law. Goddard acknowledged that but insisted she
can't ride that forever.

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State Capitol News
3:41 pm
Thu July 15, 2010

Brewer Tells Judge She Should Not Delay Immigration Law Any Longer

Phoenix, AZ – There are several factors a judge must consider when deciding
whether to issue an injunction. One of those is a balance of
hardships -- who will suffer irreparable harm depending on
whether the law is or is not allowed to take effect. Attorney
Stephen Montoya who represents Phoenix police officer David
Salgado said his client is being harmed because he's being forced
to choose between enforcing a law he believes is unconstitutional
and putting his job at risk.

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State Capitol News
9:44 am
Thu July 15, 2010

State Speed Radar Cameras Turned Off

Phoenix, AZ – The cameras have been operated for the last two years by Redflex
Traffic Systems under a contract with the state that gave the
company up to $28.75 for every $185 ticket actually paid. Gov.
Jan Brewer, who inherited that contract from the Napolitano
administration, ordered it not renewed when it expired. But
Redflex spokeswoman Shoba Vaitheeswaran said more than money is
at stake. She said evidence from a test run of the system along
Loop 101 in Scottsdale shows it reduced speeds and accidents.

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