State Capitol News

State Capitol News
4:01 pm
Sat May 8, 2010

More Friends than Foes for Proposed Tax Hike

Phoenix, AZ – Quite simply, it comes down to money. Reports show supporters of
Proposition 100 already have collected more than $1.6 million for
their campaign. Contributors include businesses, unions and
education groups, with the largest donation coming from the
University of Arizona Foundation which kicked in a quarter
million dollars. John Brown, the organization's spokesman, said
the decision to give was logical.

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State Capitol News
9:03 am
Thu May 6, 2010

The Reverend Al Sharpton Protests Immigration Bill in Phoenix

Phoenix, AZ – The Rev. Al Sharpton is protesting a new law which requires
police to investigate when they have reasonable suspicion someone
is in the country illegally. Speaking to an overflow crowd at a
Phoenix church, Sharpton said the first effort will be to get the
law overturned. But he said like the civil rights fights of the
1960s, court battles won't be the end of it.

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State Capitol News
8:58 am
Wed May 5, 2010

Brewer Says She Will Not Back Away from New Immigration Law

Phoenix, AZ – The enactment of SB 1070 requiring state and local police to
check the papers of suspected illegal immigrants has provoked a
backlash of sorts, at least on the national level. Various groups
are urging people to cancel their business trips and vacations to
Arizona. Brewer said she's disappointed.

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State Capitol News
8:38 am
Sat May 1, 2010

State Economic Pressure Continues to Mount in Wake of New Immigration Law

Phoenix, AZ – There has been no shortage of calls by groups to cancel travel to
Arizona because of the bill to give police more power to arrest
illegal immigrants. But on Friday a coalition of organizations
said they would work not only to coordinate those but to expand
the scope of the reprisals. Former state Sen. Alfredo Gutierrez
said companies and retirement systems need to be convinced to
stop investing here.

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State Capitol News
3:37 pm
Thu April 29, 2010

First Two Challenges Filled Against New Immigration Law

Phoenix, AZ – The legislation requires police to check the immigration status
of those they contact and lets them charge illegal immigrants
with violating state law. Attorney and state Rep. Ben Miranda
said one problem with the measure is that immigration is strictly
the purview of the federal government. The other is the
possibility of racial profiling by officers who are told to check
identification when they have reasonable suspicion someone is in
this country illegally.

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State Capitol News
10:20 am
Thu April 29, 2010

Minority of Legislators Blocking Plan to Help Fun State Park System

Phoenix, AZ – The parks board already has closed several sites after state
lawmakers, looking to balance the budget, raided their funds.
Several others will shut in early June without a cash infusion.
On Wednesday the House considered a plan to borrow $40 million
from a voter-approved fund earmarked for purchasing and
preserving open space. Rep. Kyrsten Sinema objected.

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State Capitol News
4:01 pm
Wed April 28, 2010

Polls in Brewers Favor