State Capitol News

Phoenix, AZ – If you've ever watched C-Span you may have caught question time.
That's the half hour a week the prime minister has to come to
Parliament and respond to questions, both friendly and otherwise.
State Sen. Jonathan Paton said that might not be such a bad idea
here. He is proposing a constitutional amendment to require the
governor to answer the inquiries of lawmakers of both her own
party and the opposition.

Phoenix, AZ – Hayworth served 12 years in the U.S. House before being ousted in
2006 by Democrat Harry Mitchell. Since that time he has been a
radio talk show host. But now Hayworth believes, what with the
Tea Party movement, he is now what Arizona wants. More to the
point, Hayworth said McCain is too far to the left.

Phoenix, AZ – Legislation approved Monday by a Senate panel would make it
illegal not only to write or send a text message while driving
but even to read one. Violators would face a $50 fine -- unless
they got into an accident. Then the cost would rise to $200. Sen.
Al Melvin said his constituents tell him they want the
restriction -- particularly those who have teens.

Phoenix, AZ – The measure crafted by House Speaker Kirk Adams includes a 28
percent cut in corporate income taxes, slicing individual income
tax rates by 10 percent across the board and eliminating the
state property tax. The report by the nonpartisan legislative
budget staff estimates when the plan is fully implemented the net
reduction in dollars is close to $942 million a year. But Adams
said that figure is misleading because it doesn't consider the
impact that lower taxes will have in creating new jobs.

Phoenix, AZ – Current law says a divorce decree can be granted in as few as 60
days after the other spouse is served with the legal papers. This
legislation would extend that out to 180 days, along with some
new requirements on what would have to be taught to couples with
children. Deborah Sheasby, lobbyist for the Center for Arizona
Policy, said the state has a legitimate interest in preserving

Phoenix, AZ – Antenori is sponsoring legislation which would make any form of
public assistance off limits to those who smoke or drink. He said
the purpose of the bill is not to punish people.

Phoenix, AZ – Some of that will come from Republicans like Carl Seel.

(Clearly, we don't need a tax increase. At this time in our
economy, we're going to oppose to do, put a burden of over $900
million on the citizenry of this great state at a time when
people are losing their jobs? I think not.)