State Capitol News

State Capitol News
2:25 pm
Thu February 25, 2010

Senate panel votes for schools to count illegal students

Phoenix, AZ – No one knows how many of the approximately one million children
in Arizona schools are U.S. citizens or at least legal residents.
The Pew Hispanic Center estimated in the 60-65,000 range a few
years ago. Sen. Russell Pearce said he thinks it's higher. More
to the point, he wants an accurate number to figure out the real
cost to taxpayers, which he said is at least $800 million a year.

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State Capitol News
11:31 am
Thu February 25, 2010

Panel votes to give childhood victims of sex abuse an entire lifetime to sue

Phoenix, AZ – Civil claims of childhood sexual abuse must now be filed within
two years after a victim turns 18. After that there is no
liability, no matter what evidence turns up. Pinal County Sheriff
Paul Babeau told lawmakers he knows it's important for victims to
get their day in court: He was a victim himself. He said police
knew who this man was and that he had 200 victims but for various
reasons could not be prosecuted criminally.

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State Capitol News
2:21 pm
Wed February 24, 2010

Panel votes for right to hunt and fish

Phoenix, AZ – The measure would bar any law or regulation that unreasonably
restricts hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife. It also would
make hunting a preferred means of managing and controlling
wildlife. National Rifle Association lobbyist Darren LaSorte said
animals rights groups have tried to convince voters to restrict
hunting. They were successful in 1994 when Arizonans voted to ban
the use of steel-jawed traps on public lands. LaSorte told
lawmakers there could be more problems on the horizon.

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State Capitol News
11:08 am
Wed February 24, 2010

House panel votes to overturn mandate on utilites

State Capitol News
11:37 am
Tue February 23, 2010

Lawmakers give adoption prefence to married couples

Flagstaff, AZ – The measure would not preclude single people from adopting. But
it would require state officials to, in essence, put married
couples to the front of the line in most cases. Rep. Warde
Nichols said that, generally speaking, that's a better situation
for children. Rep. Phil Lopes said there is no evidence that
married couples score better on standardized scales of family
functioning and adopted child behavior.

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State Capitol News
11:33 am
Tue February 23, 2010

Lawmakers work toward open question sessions for governor

Phoenix, AZ – The legislation would require the governor to show up at least
twice a month, for at least a half hour each time. Each political
party would get half of the alloted time. Sen. Jonathan Paton
said there needs to be more of what he calls an ongoing dynamic
conversation between lawmakers and the state's chief executive.
But he said the exercise also benefits voters, like when
President Obama went to talk to congressional Reublicans and it
was broadcast on TV.

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State Capitol News
11:28 am
Mon February 22, 2010

State welcomes tax hike arguments, at a cost

State Capitol News
3:30 pm
Fri February 19, 2010

Growing Smart fund gowing to the parks

Phoenix, AZ – In 1998 voters approved the Growing Smarter program providing $20
million a year for 11 years to set aside open space. There's
currently about $104 million in that account. The measure would
borrow $40 million of that over the next two years, with most of
that going to parks. But Rep. Kyrsten Sinema said the funds,
having been earmarked by voters, are off limits.

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State Capitol News
9:01 am
Tue February 16, 2010

More public forums being proposed

Phoenix, AZ – If you've ever watched C-Span you may have caught question time.
That's the half hour a week the prime minister has to come to
Parliament and respond to questions, both friendly and otherwise.
State Sen. Jonathan Paton said that might not be such a bad idea
here. He is proposing a constitutional amendment to require the
governor to answer the inquiries of lawmakers of both her own
party and the opposition.

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State Capitol News
8:38 am
Tue February 16, 2010

J.D Hayworth launches senate seat bid

Phoenix, AZ – Hayworth served 12 years in the U.S. House before being ousted in
2006 by Democrat Harry Mitchell. Since that time he has been a
radio talk show host. But now Hayworth believes, what with the
Tea Party movement, he is now what Arizona wants. More to the
point, Hayworth said McCain is too far to the left.

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