State Capitol News

State Capitol News
10:11 am
Wed November 25, 2009

Arpaio most popular Republican for governor

Phoenix, AZ – A new poll shows that the most popular choice for governor among
Republicans is someone who isn't running now -- and may not run
at all. That could be good news for the person in second place,
state Treasurer Dean Martin.

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State Capitol News
10:13 am
Tue November 24, 2009

AZ cities sue to block immigration law

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer lashed out today at cities for suing to
overturn a new law on illegal immigration.

The fight is over a lawsuit filed Monday by the League of Arizona
Cities and Towns challenging some provisions in budget
legislation approved earlier this year. One section spells out
what documents people who want public services need to provide to
prove they are in this country legally.

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State Capitol News
10:21 am
Sat November 21, 2009

McCain could face tough primary fight

Phoenix, AZ – A new statewide poll suggests that John McCain could have trouble
hanging on to his Senate seat -- and not from the Democrats.

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State Capitol News
12:04 pm
Wed November 18, 2009

State Senate approves sharp budget cuts

Phoenix, AZ –
State senators gave preliminary approval this afternoon to some
sharp budget cuts. But the move came over some protests.

The biggest came from various groups whose programs depend on
taxpayer funds, ranging from organizations that help the poor and
disabled to a couple of state labor unions. Andrew Morrill, vice
president of the Arizona Education Association, said the groups
that object, are not in denial about the current $2 billion

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State Capitol News
12:09 pm
Tue November 17, 2009

Workers sue to keep domestic partner benefits

Phoenix, AZ – Gay state and university workers filed suit today to overturn a
law which takes away their domestic partner benefits.

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State Capitol News
12:06 pm
Mon November 16, 2009

Proposed child care center fees reduced

Phoenix, AZ – State health officials agreed today to a sharp drop in what they
proposed to charge in child care licensing fees. But Arizona
Public Radio's Howard Fischer reports the care centers are going
to have to do something in return.

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State Capitol News
2:42 pm
Fri November 13, 2009

Arizona in line for big education grant

Phoenix, AZ – The state's top education official said Thursday Arizona has a
good chance of snaring a share of a 4 billion dollar federal
grant. But there may be a snag.

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State Capitol News
2:45 pm
Wed November 11, 2009

Arizona following California into deep recession

Phoenix, AZ – A new study today suggests that Arizona is in danger of following
California into its financial hole.

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State Capitol News
2:48 pm
Tue November 10, 2009

State pushes for flexibility with flu

Phoenix, AZ – The state's top health official wants businesses to let workers
stay home -- and pay them if necessary -- if they're sick with
the flu. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer explains.

Will Humble said the ideal situation would be for workers to use
their sick or vacation time. The problem comes when they don't
have any of that to use. He said where possible employers should
encourage telecommuting. Humble said that's what his agency does.

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State Capitol News
4:35 pm
Mon November 9, 2009

Brewer fires back at Goddard

Flagstaff, AZ – Jan Brewer took a verbal slap today at gubernatorial wanna-be
Terry Goddard.

On Friday, Goddard claimed he was better qualified than the
incumbent to be the state's chief executive, saying Brewer lacked
leadership. He said the state is headed in the wrong direction
which is why he took the first steps toward becoming the
Democratic nominee. Brewer said Goddard, who is the state's
attorney general, doesn't know what he's talking about.

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