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12:48 pm
Thu January 26, 2012

Obama Confronts Brewer on Unflattering Portrayal in Brewer's New Book

Three months after she published her unflattering description of him, it appears President Obama is still miffed with Gov. Jan Brewer. Arizona Public Radio's Howard Fischer explains.

On Wednesday the president flew into Phoenix as part of a multi-state tour following the State of the Union address. Brewer said she greeted him at the airport and gave him a hand-written note asking that they get together at some point to talk.

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3:11 pm
Wed January 25, 2012

White House Immigration Proposal Could Help Thousands

This is what Enrique thought when he first noticed Ramona, a pretty brunette from Mexico, "It was as if I had seen the most beautiful girl in the whole world standing in front of me, and from then on we've been together.

"Its been about 10 years," says Ramona. "And it still feels like the first day."

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