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Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission

Arizona lawmakers are currently considering a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would increase the number of Legislators at the capitol. KNAU’s Justin Regan has more.

Melissa Sevigny

Arizona’s Verde River has a lot of competing uses: city dwellers, farmers, kayakers and environmentalists all want its water in different ways. But a new project aims to unite everyone over a glass of beer. A farm in Camp Verde has planted a crop of malt barley, to conserve water and give Arizona breweries a key ingredient to craft a truly local beer. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports. 

Gillian Ferris / KNAU/NAU

April is National Poetry Month.  Instead of doing a feature story on poetry, we decided to record some of you reading us your favorite poems … to experience poetry in its purest form. Every Friday this month, we’re going to air at least one poem performed by someone in the community. Seventeen-year-old Emma Collier starts us off from the campus of her performing arts high school. She was a state finalist at this year’s Poetry Out Loud competition. Take a listen.


Officials at Grand Canyon National Park say that after several weeks of pipeline breaks and water restrictions, water in storage on the South Rim has reached sustainable levels.

Most in-state undergraduate students attending Arizona's three public universities won't see tuition increases in the next school year.