Local News

  Law enforcement agents and prosecutors on the Navajo Nation have joined forces to advocate for the creation of a public safety fund to help deal with an increase in violent crime.

Michael Patacsil

One of three Northern Arizona University students wounded in a 2015 shooting says he heard his best friend arguing with the shooter but didn't hear the fatal gunshots.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decided today not to list two Colorado River Basin minnows under the Endangered Species Act. Arizona Public Radio’s Melissa Sevigny reports.

Tom Tingle/Arizona Republic

The trial of a man accused of shooting four Northern Arizona University students is underway, with prosecutors working to portray the man as a killer while the defense claims self-defense.

The Daily Courier

The Prescott Fire Department says a federal grant has lifted fiscal pressures that constricted emergency responses from one of its five regular fire stations.