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KNAU and Arizona News
11:51 am
Tue July 28, 2015

Arizona Cardinals Hire NFL's First Female Coach

Credit Associated Press

The Arizona Cardinals have made history by hiring the first female coach in the National Football League. As Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo reports, Jen Welter enters the league with an impressive football résumé.

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KNAU and Arizona News
10:15 am
Mon July 27, 2015

Navajo Nation Lawmakers Pass Bill To Enact Alcohol Tax

Lawmakers on the Navajo Nation have approved legislation to tax alcoholic beverages sold in the tribe's casinos.

The 3.25 percent tax is expected to raise $73,000 a year. The revenue would go into a fund administered by the tribe's Division of Public Safety to combat drunken driving on the reservation.

Tribal officials say the tax is directed on retailers and distributors, but consumers are responsible for paying it.

People legally can buy alcohol and drink it only in tribal casinos and at a tribal marina at Lake Powell in Page.

KNAU and Arizona News
11:05 am
Thu July 23, 2015

Man Faces Charges For Strapping Dynamite To Hummer

The Arizona Department of Public Safety says a man faces charges for strapping dynamite to his car. As Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo reports, authorities found the man after he crashed in Strawberry.

DPS says Fred Vail , 55, was driving a Hummer when it rolled over on State Route 87 July 11th. That’s when troopers discovered a device attached to the car.

"We called in our explosive detail," said DPS Spokesman Bart Graves. "They arrived on scene and determined the device was seven sticks of dynamite with a live fuse going to the driver’s seat."

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Earth Notes
9:31 am
Wed July 22, 2015

Earth Notes: John Collier Jr.

Anthropologist John Collier Jr.
Credit Courtesy

Can analyzing pictures of Native peoples help others understand the cultures they live in? More than 20 years after the death of John Collier Jr., his fellow anthropologists continue to do just that. And Collier’s textbook on what he called “visual anthropology” is still widely used.

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KNAU and Arizona News
7:36 am
Wed July 22, 2015

Navajo Nation Loosens Language Requirements For Top Leaders

Tom Smith Sr. and his daughter Alissa Lee, fill out paper work, Friday, July 17, 2015, before voting at the Navajo Election Administration - Northern Agency Office in Shiprock, N.M.
Credit Jon Austria/The Daily Times via AP


  Navajos voted Tuesday to loosen language requirements for their top leaders, eliminating the need for them to be fluent in Navajo and giving voters more discretion in who can hold elected office.

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KNAU and Arizona News
6:58 am
Tue July 21, 2015

New York Man Arrested In Threatening Hoax Calls

A New York man suspected of placing numerous threatening phone calls to Flagstaff, Arizona, schools has been arrested.

Viktor Lisnyak, of Staten Island, New York, was arrested on July 17. He faces five counts of transmitting threatening communications in interstate commerce.

Officials say Lisnyak, who is 29 years old, made calls between March and May in which he threatened to kill school children. He made the calls to two elementary schools, one middle school and a preschool, police say.

KNAU and Arizona News
8:01 am
Mon July 20, 2015

Trump: McCain Is A War Hero -- But Also Abondoned Vets

Donald Trump, speaks Saturday, July 18, 2015, at the Family Leadership Summit in Ames, Iowa. where he was one of Republican presidential candidates in attendance.
Credit Associated Press

Donald Trump is doubling down on his controversial comments aimed at Arizona Senator John McCain. As Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo reports, Trump not only questioned McCain’s status as a war hero, he’s now attacking the senator’s record on veteran’s issues.

Over the weekend, the republican presidential candidate said he likes soldiers who are not captured, instead of POWs like McCain, who spent more than five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. On Monday's NBC’s Today, Trump clarified his comments, and says he has no problem calling McCain a war hero.

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KNAU and Arizona News
1:28 pm
Fri July 17, 2015

Lawmakers Divided on Lawsuit Challenging Indian Child Welfare Act

State Sen. for Legislative District 7 Carlyle Begay. He, along with State Rep. Jennifer Benally, want to see changes made to some parts of the Indian Child Welfare Act.
Credit Courtesy

The Arizona-based Goldwater Institute has filed a class-action lawsuit challenging parts of the federal Indian Child Welfare Act. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, Native American lawmakers are split on whether to support the move.

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KNAU and Arizona News
7:48 am
Thu July 16, 2015

Scientists Impressed By Pluto Images; Name Heart-Shaped Area For Tombaugh

This image provided by NASA shows a region near Pluto's equator with a range of mountains captured by the New Horizons spacecraft.
Credit NASA

  Mankind's first close-up look at Pluto did not disappoint Wednesday: The pictures showed ice mountains on Pluto about as high as the Rockies and chasms on its big moon Charon that appear six times deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Especially astonishing to scientists was the total absence of impact craters in a zoom-in shot of one rugged slice of Pluto. They said that suggests that Pluto is geologically active even now and is being sculpted not by collisions with cosmic debris but by its internal heat.

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KNAU and Arizona News
12:41 pm
Wed July 15, 2015

State Officials Review Public Comments for Coal-Fired Plant Proposal

The coal-fired Cholla Power Plant near Joseph City. The plant is co-owned by Arizona Public Service Co.
Credit APS

State officials are sifting through public comments on a proposal that would stop coal from being used to run the Cholla Power Plant near Joseph City. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, conservation groups say the plan doesn’t go far enough to protect the environment.

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