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Flagstaff, AZ –
Dr. Wally Covington says too many little trees are causing big problems in the ponderosa pine forest.

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Flagstaff, AZ – Hopi teens, elders and anthropologist Dr. Wolf Gumerman are in step with Footprints of the Ancestors.

For thousands of years, Hopi Indians have inhabited the arid Southwest. They've carved out a colorful existence in the high desert and kept their rich culture alive through rituals, songs, and stories. But Dr. Wolf Gumerman, Director of the NAU Honors Program, says those voices from the past are becoming quieter as fewer Hopi youth are speaking the language.

Flagstaff, AZ – When it comes to obesity and diabetes, Dr. Leslie Schulz is weighing in on the impacts of genetics and lifestyle.

The Pima Indians in the southern Arizona desert have a 40 percent diabetes rate. NAU's Dr. Leslie Schulz wondered why nearly half of that population is overweight and diabetic. She didn't have to look far to find answers.

Jerry Foreman

Flagstaff, AZ – The man who cracked the DNA code in the deadly anthrax letter attacks is going after superbugs.

NAU's most famous DNA detective, Dr. Paul Keim, is using his microbial forensics to take down E. coli, Valley Fever, MRSA and the flu. Keim's molecular diagnostics skills were recruited when lethal anthrax arrived in the mail.

Flagstaff, AZ – Who we think we are is revealed through literature. Northern Arizona University's Gioia Woods is studying defining moments in American culture.

If you consider literature to be the lifeblood of a cultural body, Dr. Gioia Woods has her finger on the pulse. This NAU Humanities Professor says the health of a culture, what it's anxious about and what it's concerned with is all documented in black and white.