Taxpayers On Two Minds of the Budget

Phoenix, AZ – On one hand, most Arizonans believe the state is wasting money
and could spend less. But nearly three-fourths of those surveyed
by the Pew Center for the States said they are willing to pay
higher taxes to protect public education from further spending
cuts, and more than half to pay for health and human services
programs. Conversely, most are not interested in higher taxes for
higher education. The poll is an indication of the election yar
mood of voters. On one hand the report says incumbent Jan Brewer
discerned voter sentiment when she convinced Arizonans to approve
that temporary one-cent hike in state sales taxes. But Brewer has
ruled out further tax hikes or even extending the temporary levy,
saying the budget shortfall will have to be handled with reduced
spending. By contrast, Democrat Terry Goddard is campaigning on
the platform that Brewer and the Republican-controlled
Legislature already have cut education too deep. He wants new
taxes. One issues that remains is where to find the money. Most
Arizonans don't want to extend that temporary tax when it expires
in 2013. Other options include taxing internet sales, charging
sales taxes on services -- and letting racetracks have casinos if
they give the state a share. For Arizona Public Radio this is
Howard Fischer.