Steady Turnout at Flagstaff Voting Polls

Flagstaff, AZ – Many people were driven to vote in this mid-term election because of the state gubernatorial race between attorney general Terry Goddard and current governor Jan Brewer. The former Secretary of State became governor when Janet Napolitano was appointed to head up Homeland Security. Voter Julian Menard says he voted for Brewer. MENARD: I'm happy with the way things are going. (They) can always be better but I'm pleased with what she's doing. But many other Flagstaff voters said they weren't so pleased with the way the state has been run. Bill Morse is one of those people. MORSE: I felt it was important to continue the decision voters made two years ago and not to derail it and change direction every two years where we end up getting absolutely nothing done. Voter Neil Peterson said it had been almost a decade since the last time he voted but felt this was an important election. In addition to the candidates there were many propositions on the ballot including Prop 203, the state's medical marijuana initiative. PETERSON: I think that's very important. Several states have not only seen economic benefits but I think it can help people who have illnesses. Polls will remain open until 7 o'clock tonight. For Arizona Public Radio I'm Laurel Morales in Flagstaff.