State welcomes tax hike arguments, at a cost

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona law requires the Secretary of State to send a pamphlet to
the home of every registered voter ahead of the May 18th election
detailing what the vote is about. But that pamphlet also contains
arguments for and against the plan for a one-cent hike in the
sales tax for the next three years. And anyone -- anyone -- can
submit an argument. What's the catch? There really is none. You
do have to pay your share of the cost. That's $100 for arguments
submitted in writing -- but just $75 if you file them
electronically on a disk or by e-mail. Aside from the $25
savings, there are some advantages to that. You can punctuate
your argument with boldface and italicized words. And, by law,
the Secretary of State has to run your argument as submitted. Of
course, that means if you don't spell check your argument,
everyone is going to know. A few points of fine print. Your
statement has to have your name, address and phone number, though
the pamphlet will have just your name and city. There has to be a
signed, notarized signature, even one that accompanies an
electronic filing. Oh, and they have to be received by the
secretary of state's office no later than 5 p.m. Thursday. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.