State lawmakers throw roadblock in path of those looking to get divorced

Phoenix, AZ – Under current law a judge can dissolve a marriage 60 days after a
petition is filed. The legislation that gained preliminary Senate
approval Monday would allow either spouse to extend that period
out for up to six months. The other party would have to go along
unless he or she could show -- quote -- good cause for proceeding
without delay. Sen. David Braswell said the move makes sense. He
said couples should be absolutely sure they want to end their

(Extending the divorce waiting period, especially for couples
with children, simply makes good sense. This legislation is
founded on observations that shorter divorce waiting periods lead
to higher divorce rates.)

Most Republican senators supported the change -- with the very
notable exception of Carolyn Allen of Scottsdale. She chided her
GOP colleagues.

(For us to pass laws that you force people to stay in a bad
marriage, maybe you've just never had one. But I find it
unbelievable as Republicans that we are going to say that the
government will interfere in our personal lives.)

A roll-call vote will send the bill to the House. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.