State House Voted To Make Certain Kinds of Aborations Illegal

Phoenix, AZ – The legislation would allow the state to revoke the license of
abortionists who terminate a pregnancy knowing the reason is the
race or gender of the child. Rep. Steve Montenegro said he
believes that women and minorities deserve equal protection.

(But some people don't believe that. And those people do not
deserve your protection and my protection. These people have
wreaked enough damage in our world already. They're the people
behind genocides. They tell minorities and women that they are
worth less.)

Montenegro waved around a magazine article he said proves his
point. But foes of the legislation said there is no hard evidence
that such abortions are occurring in this state. Rep. Chad
Campbell specifically disputed Montenegro's claim that Planned
Parenthood sets up its clinics in minority neighborhoods to
promote abortion among blacks and Hispanics.

(Let's look at the facts. Let's not take propaganda and turn it
into scientific data when it isn't. The facts speak for
themselves. The numbers do not lie. There is no targeted program
going on here in minority communities. There never had been.)

The measure needs a final roll call vote before going to the
Senate. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.