state house passes health care choice bill

Phoenix, AZ – The state House decided today to ask voters to block the federal
government from forcing anyone here to enroll in any new national
health care plan.

The constitutional amendment is aimed at proposals in Congress to
require all companies to purchase coverage for their workers and
all individuals to have health insurance. It would bar any law
that compels anyone to participate in any plan and protect the
right of people to not have insurance and pay for health care
themselves. It is similar to a measure voters rejected by a
narrow margin last fall. Rep. Phil Lopes, a long-time supporter
of universal health care, said the current system doesn't work
for many Arizonas.

(For us, through this action, to remove our citizens from
participating in the benefits of what will surely be an improved
system is an irresponsible act in my judgment.)

But Rep. Frank Antenori said nothing in the measure would stop
Arizonans from getting care even if Washington adopts a national
health plan.

(This is just a total load of crap. All this does is prevent the
government from penalizing, whether it be physicians or someone
of their own who desires not to participate in those plans.)

The party-line vote sends the measure to the Senate, with the
last word belonging to voters next year.