Some state senators think their salaries should be cut

Phoenix, AZ – The proposal is simple enough: Every time lawmakers impose a pay
cut on state workers, their own salaries would be cut by an
identical amount. Sen. Ken Cheuvront who crafted the measure said
it's only fair.

(We should be following our lead that if we are asking our
employees to cut their salaries, we should be doing the same
things ourselves.)

Lawmakers are now paid $24,000 a year for what was originally
considered a part-time job. Now the Legislature is in regular
session close to half of the year, with special sessions and
other hearings taking up much of what remains. But Cheuvront said
that increased workload is immaterial.

(If we are in that kind of financial straits... You're right.
It's not going to be a lot of money. But I've got to tell you,
when you're talking to state employees who are seeing their
salaries cut, there's a lot of resentment out there that we're
not taking sacrifices also. So we should be living by what we're

His measure won't affect a proposed 5 percent pay cut that Gov.
Jan Brewer wants for all state workers beginning April 1. That's
because it twould require voter approval of a constitutional
amendment, something that can't occur before November. Cheuvront
said the measure, which has bipartisan support, should clear the
Senate easily, though what might happen in the House is unknown.
For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.