Rove Predicts Republicans Could Pick Up Even More Congressional Seats in 2012

Phoenix, AZ – Rove told members of the Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce that
the new census figures will show the greatest growth in states
where Republicans wield power. That includes not just Arizona but
also Utah and Florida. That will translate to additional
congressional districts for those states at the expense of slower
growing Eastern states which have been traditional Democratic
strongholds. But Rove, who would not allow his speech to be
taped, said the ability of Republicans to gain strength could
depend on what voters think of the performance of GOP
legislators. He said many were elected because of a Tea Party
inspired influx of new people into politics -- people who he said
until now have been -- quote content to sit on the sidelines as
spectators. Rove said they were motivated now by a belief that
government is getting too big and spending is out of control. He
said these lawmakers need to push hard to reverse these policies.
Rove said even if their efforts come up short -- what with the
Democrats retaining control of the White House and the Senate --
they will have earned the respect and loyalty of these new voters
-- voters who he said are necessary for the GOP's future success.
For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.