Republican Party Chairman files papers in bid to become next governor

Phoenix, AZ – John Munger said he believes he can do a better job in managing
the state than the incumbent, who also happens to be a

(Jan Brewer's done the very best she can. I think it's now time
for someone who wants to run for governor, who brings real
leadership to this state. This campaign is not about Jan Brewer.
It's about the opportunity to bring real leadership and a real
specific plan to bring Arizona out of this recession.)

But Munger provided no specifics, saying they would emerge in the
weeks and months ahead. He did say that there are solutions to
the state's current $1.5 billion deficit other than higher taxes
or cutting spending.

(The alternative is to grow the economy. The alternative is to
create growth.)

But here, too, he was short on details.

(I will explain that on the campaign trail. Believe me, it has
been done in Texas, it has been done in other states. You can
create economic growth and we will create economic growth.)

Munger also said the fact he's not from Maricopa County is a
plus, saying he's the only Republican who can win heavily
Democratic Pima County in a general election. For Arizona Public
Radio this is Howard Fischer.