Preston Korn Drops Out of CD1 Race

Flagstaff, AZ – The Republicans have one fewer candidate in the Congressional District One race. Flagstaff business-owner Preston Korn has ended his candidacy. Korn's decision is partly a financial one. In the last eight months, he was able to raise around 25-thousand dollars. Korn says that's about a quarter of what he needed to mount a viable campaign.

(Korn) "I believe that we could have done this whole thing with a hundred thousand. Now there's people who might be listening to this screaming, you've gotta be kidding. You can't do this for a hundred thousand dollars.' And I understand where they're coming from, because it's expensive."

Korn also says his political philosophy and stances on the issues very closely mirror those of fellow Republican candidate Sandra Livingstone of Prescott. He was worried staying in the race would split the vote and neither one of them would win. He plans to actively campaign for Livingstone. Korn's name will still appear on the September primary ballot, which puts him in the position of asking people to not vote for him.