Phoenix Immigration March

Ph – Organizers of the march said they want a path to
citizenship for the estimated half-million people in
Arizona -- and more than 11 million nationwide -- who
are here illegally. But Lydia Guzman said there's
another goal.

(One of our sayings today is today we march, tomorrow
we vote. And we're hoping that we accomplished just
that -- registerd so many people to register to vote.)

Former state senator Alfredo Gutierrez was more direct
in his speech to the more than 100,000 people who
turned out.

(We shall arm ourselves. And in America, the only
weapon that counts is the vote.)

Gutierrez said that means backing those who support the
same causes and defeating those who do not. The idea of
the voter registration drive drew a raised eyebrow from
Sen. Barbara Leff who complained about the cottage
industry of fake documents.

(What happens then, today, as the marchers say, today
we march, tomorrow we vote, how are those documents for
the voter registration, who knows which documents are
real and which documents are not real.)

Organizers said they hope to have figures today of how
many new voters they registered. In Phoenix, for
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.