Panel voted to give Governor chance to review legalizing sparklers

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer told Arizona Public Radio early last year that she had no
problem with sparklers, recalling her time as a child in
California when she played with them. But when legislation to
legalize them in Arizona hit her desk, the governor used her veto
stamp, citing concerns of local officials and the U.S. Forest
Service. The bill approved by the House Commerce Committee is
virtually identical to what Brewer rejected. But bill sponsor
Andy Biggs said there are protections, including a ban in federal
forests. It also allows cities to preclude sparkler use within
their limits. That didn't impress Phoenix Fire Marshal Barbara
Koffron who pointed out cities could not ban anyone from selling

(Circle Ks, gasoline, liquor and fireworks. Oh my!)

That brought an angry reaction from Biggs.

(When we talk about Circle Ks and say liquor and fireworks and
gas, oh my, I mean, that's really demagoging as opposed to
arguing facts related to this type of issue.)

So what will Brewer do this time? She isn't saying.

(I haven't been briefed on it. Nor have I read the legislation at
this point in time. But I certainly will review it and when I
make my decision as it moves through the process, I will get back
with you.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.