New yellow light law

Phoenix, AZ – Rep. Frank Antenori said traffic engineers are supposed to
compute the length of yellow lights. That's based on things like
the speed limit and the number of lanes to be crossed. And
Antenori said that three seconds is pretty much the absolute
minimum, no matter what. But he said that's not happening.

(I've gotten so many complaints. I've gotten video tape from
people who have gotten citations that have videoed the yellow at
certain intersections that were less than three seconds in

Antenori also has a theory about why that is the case.

(It's to make money.)

He said that's particularly true in communities that have
automated cameras at intersections designed to snap the photos of
errant motorists and, more to the point, issue expensive
citations. The three-second mininum is just part of what's in the
bill the House approved. His legislation also forbids communities
that operate automated traffic cameras from citing motorists who
enter the intersection less than one full second after the light
turns red. The legislation now goes to the Senate. For Arizona
Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.