New Poll Shows Goddard Gaining some Ground

Phoenix, AZ – The Behavior Research Center survey finds Goddard just 3 points
back among all registered voters. But pollster Earl de Berge also
took a separate look at who is most likely to actually go to the
polls this year.

(And what we're finding in this go-around is a very clear pattern
in which conservatives, men, Republicans, voters over 55 years of
age have the strongest propensity to participate in this
election. All of those voters lean towards the GOP.)

De Berge found that among most likely voters, the Democratic
challenger remains 11 points behind the incumbent. He said the
burden is on Goddard -- and Democrats overall -- to get out their
base as well as the independents. Goddard, on a road trip around
the state, said he's well aware of the problem.

(Well, that's why I'm in San Luis. We're working hard in all of
the traditionally lower-turnout areas. But I also think the most
important thing in politics is movement. And what we've got right
now is incredible momentum.)

But that momentum apparently isn't enough to convince Jan Brewer
that she should agree to a second debate. Campaign spokesman Doug
Cole said Brewer sees no reason to give Goddard a platform to, as
he put it, remake himself three weeks before the election. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.