Munsil Blames Public Financing for Defeat

Phoenix, AZ – Pollster Earl de Berge noted that before Munsil was the
GOP contender he was president of the Center for
Arizona Policy. In that position he lobbied to restrict
abortion, ban gay marriage and provide public funds for
private and parochial schools. De Berge noted that
fewer than one in five registered voters went to the
polls in September, something that worked to Munsil's
benefit in winning the Republican nomination.

(This is an example of an extremely low turnout
dominated by the religious right that produces a
candidate that has no appeal beyond the religious

De Berge said that doesn't translate into the broad
base of support needed to win a general election. Wes
Gullett, who has helped other Republicans get elected,

(What happens to Republicans is when we nominate people
from one part of the party, that it tends to alienate
the other part of the party, the major part.)

Munsil rejected that contention, saying he just needed
more money to get his message out.

In Phoenix, for
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.