A Look at State Governor Poll

Phoenix, AZ – When Rasmussen Reports questioned likely Republican voters last
month, 45 percent said they would vote for Brewer. That compared
with 18 percent each for Dean Martin and Buz Mills, and just 3
percent for John Munger. Munger dropped out last month. But even
with the narrowed field of top contenders, Mills is now favored
by just 16 percent, with Martin at 12. And the incumbent? She
managed to pull the support of 61 percent of those questioned.
Rasmussen did not ask Arizonans about Matthew Jette, the fourth
Republican in the race. But only 2 percent of those questioned
said they wanted someone other than the top three. In a separate
poll, incumbent Sen. John McCain was still leading challenger
J.D. Hayworth in the GOP primary. But McCain's margin of support
is just 47 percent. That compares to 36 percent for Hayworth,
with Navy veteran and Tea Party favorite Jim Deakin picking up 7
percent. And Scott Rasmussen said being below 50 percent is not a
good position for the better-funded incumbent. Early voting for
all races begins July 29. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard