Live from Pledge Central - Day 3: 64% to Goal

Oct 15, 2012

Thanks to listener support, KNAU has already raised 64% of our goal in this SHORT fall pledge drive. 

We have been making strong, consistent progress and are grateful to everyone who has donated in support of the short drive and the essential programming they value from KNAU!

There are only 10 hours remaining of on-air fundraising, however, and 36% of the funds necessary for programming and station operations still yet to go.  In order to continue brining you shortened pledge drives in the future, we need to prove that the short drive model can work.  And your contribution to KNAU is the only proof that will get us there.

One pledge at a time, every contribution is valuable.  Let's keep the momentum going!  Don't hesitate, don't delay... make you're pledge today!!

Thank you to the terrific group of W.L. Gore employees who pooled together funds to create a $2,000 challenge today, and also donated their time to answer phones during both our morning and afternoon volunteer shifts.  In addition, our thanks to the NAU Foundation Board of Directors who also combined their resources to offer a challenge of $1,600.  We're thrilled to say that both of those challenges were met, dollar for dollar, by our listeners!

Our gratitude also goes out to Allan Affeldt, owner of La Posada Hotel, who generously donated 60 rooms as a special donor premium.  The flurry of phone activity that ensued turned pledge central into a whirlwind of exuberant activity for the mere 30 minutes it took for all 60 rooms to be allocated, and left the phone volunteers exhausted and grinning!

Finally, special thanks to our community partners who fed and caffeinated everyone today - Biff's Bagels, 1899 Bar & Grill, Late for the Train, and Altitudes Bar & Grill. 

Congratulations to our two iPad winners whose names were drawn over the weekend:  Edward Boyer of Prescott, and Rea Ebeling of Cottonwood; and to our latest iPad winner whose name was drawn this evening, Rachel Gabaldon of Prescott.  There are still 3 more iPads that will be given away before the end of the pledge drive, and the sooner you pledge the more chances you'll have to win.  Speaking of which, if a Flagstaff number with a 523 exchange rings your house around 6:30 pm, we recommend that you answer it... you might be a winner!