Lawmaker say college students would be safer if faculty are armed

Phoenix, AZ – Existing law bars weapons on the campuses of public colleges. The
proposal by Sen. Jack Harper would carve out an exception for
faculty members who have a state-issued permit to carry a
concealed weapon.

(It's a long-time goal of mine to make sure there are no defense-
free zones where criminals know they can go into an establishment
and there'll be no law-abiding citizens there that can legally
protect themselves.)

The possibility has alarmed some school officials. The University
of Arizona's Paul Allvin said even if a professor were carrying a
weapon concealed, it's likely to become known there is a gun
beneath the jacket or in a fanny pack.

(It doesn't make it any safer if a student decides, if anybody
decides they want to exact violence in an area to try to get that

And Lisa Nelson at Northern Arizona University said what Harper
wants will create problems for police who respond to an incident.

(The more people that have guns on campus, the harder it is to
determine who the shooter is. And that presents real issues for
police on campus.)

Harper has had success with his arguments before: He ushered a
measure through the Legislature last year allowing people with
concealed carry permits to bring their guns into bars. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.