Judge will Decide Today Whether to Remove Some Green Pary Candidates from Ballot

Phoenix, AZ – The suit was filed by a law firm which represents Democratic
Party interests. Attorney Paul Eckstein said that several of
those who became Green Party nominees were enticed to run for
office by Republicans.

(The candidates that were recruited had no ties to the Green
Party beforehand and they were asked to run as Greens for the
purpose of diluting Democratic Party votes for the offices that
were at issue.)

Eckstein presented evidence that Republican Steve May talked to
several candidates about running as write-ins in the Green Party
primary. That is because of a provision in state law, which for
the moment applies only to the Green Party, that allows someone
to become that party's nominee by getting only one write-in vote.
But attorney Dennis Wilenchik argued the whole lawsuit should be
thrown out.

(I don't think it's just appropriate to try to keep people off
the ballot because you disagree with them or they're going to
harm your election chances. That's what elections are. That's it.
It's that simple. And they're legitimate candidates. They have a
right to be under state law on the ballot. Democrats are
concerned about that, I understand. That's not a reason to keep
somebody off a ballot.)

But the Green Party candidates he was representing said they
couldn't afford to hire Wilenchik. And he would not disclose who
is paying his fees. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard