Jon Huntsman Disqualified From AZ Primary Ballot

Jan 11, 2012

 Voters in New Hampshire today saw Republican candidate Jon Huntsman’s name on their presidential primary ballots. But, it’s unlikely to appear on the ballots of Arizona voters in next month’s state election.  AZPR’s Gillian Ferris Kohl reports, a paperwork error has disqualified Huntsman from appearing on the ballot.

GOP candidate Jon Huntsman got his paperwork in on time yesterday to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office. But it was missing the state mandated signature and seal of a notary public.

“They had a justice of the peace in New Hampshire sign it and then they crossed out where it says seal, they put N/A and they submitted it to us on a copy."

Matthew Roberts is director of communications for Arizona’s Secretary of State. He says candidates’ nomination paperwork must be original and notarized.  And since Huntsman’s wasn’t, he was disqualified from appearing on next month’s ballot. Roberts says a successful appeal on Huntsman’s part is unlikely as ballot printing begins as early as tonight in some counties across the state.

"The counties are under strict deadline in terms of getting those ballots printed and out the door so the folks who are stationed overseas have the ability to participate in the election. So we don’t really have a lot of wiggle room."

Huntsman has said he’ll appeal the disqualification. But, Roberts says it’s highly unlikely there’ll be time to settle the matter in state court before ballots must be printed. With Arizona’s primary just a few weeks away, it’s all but certain, no matter an appeal, Jon Huntsman’s name won’t appear as a republican presidential choice.

For Arizona Public Radio, I'm Gillian Ferris Kohl