Issue on State Swapping Trust Land for Other Property Makes it on Ballot for a Seventh Time

Phoenix, AZ – The Arizona Constitution says the only way the state can sell or
trade property is after a public auction. And that means state
lands are most likely to go to developers who submit the highest
bids. Proposition 110 would create an exception letting land be
sold, leased or traded to another government agency without a
public auction if the deal were designed to help preserve the
state's military bases. In essence, the federal government would
acquire the property around the bases -- and make it off limits to
development -- in exchange for giving Arizona some land it wants.
Sierra Club lobbyist Sandy Bahr said her organization, which
opposed the six prior efforts, actually supports this one. She
said there are safeguards, including requiring public approval of
each proposed trade.

(It's not like this is open ended. They will have to put the swap
to voters. And so it's going to make it a lot less inviting to
put together a controversial swap. And there'll be the kind of
transparency we think is important.)

Bahr said there also are requirements for appraisals and public
hearings to provide transparency. At this point there is no
organized opposition to the measure. For Arizona Public Radio
this is Howard Fischer.