Incredible Grand Canyon

Flagstaff, AZ – When people first become interested in the Grand Canyon, they wonder about the basics: How big is it? How long is the river? How old are the rocks? Give it some time, though, and you may wonder about the odd and obscure: How does the mail get to Phantom Ranch? Who decided to name all those rock formations after gods? And has anyone ever tried to carry a pool table down there? For canyon enthusiasts who like basic and off-the-wall stories, there's a new book The Incredible Grand Canyon: Cliffhangers and Curiosities from American's Greatest Canyon . The author is Scott Thybony, who has written about canyon country for 25 years. His book is a series of vignettes that don't go into great detail about anything. He tells Arizona Public Radio's Geoff Norcross, this is the kind of book he would like to read.