Immigration Expert Urges Caution in Light of Immigration Changes

Jun 15, 2012

An immigration expert says young people who were illegally brought to the United States by their parents should be still be cautious, despite President Obama’s announcement today that they’ll be spared  from deportation.

The president announced his administration will lift the shadow of deportation away young illegal immigrants, known as DREAM-ers. The president’s policy would allow law-abiding people thirty years old and younger to stay in the US and apply for authorization to work. Stephen Yale-Loehr teaches immigration law at Cornell University. He says this rule change could vanish depending on what happens in November.

"This is an administrative action, so if Romney wins the presidential election, he could take it away," Yale-Loehr said. "So people should be cautious before they move forward."

O’DOWD: Opponents of the ruling say it’s an election year stunt to pander to Latino voters. Arizona Senator John McCain says it adds confusion and uncertainty to the country’s broken immigration system.