Guns Inside Public Buildings Law May Be Scrapped

Phoenix, AZ – Existing law says individuals cannot bring their guns into any
public building posted as a weapons-free zone. The idea is that
visitors will not need to defend themselves inside. But John
Wentling of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, said something's

(It needs to be secure, though. It's an honor system. It
presupposes that the bad guys as well as the good guys are going
to check their weapons, or be deterred by the sign. And they're

The legislation approved Monday by the Senate Judiciary Committee
would scrap that law which makes it a crime to disobey the signs.
Instead, any government that wanted to keep weapons out would
have to hire armed security guards and install metal detectors to
check each person coming in. Senate President Russell Pearce said
that's only fair.

(If you want to take my constitutional rights away, then you
ought to go to the trouble to ensure my safety. Don't put me in a
building or someplace where I can't protect myself and put a sign
on the door that there's no protection at all.)

This bill does not affect colleges or public schools, though
there are separate measures awaiting a hearing to let those with
state-issued permits to carry concealed weapons bring their guns
onto campuses. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.