Governor gathers input on proposed budget cuts

Phoenix, AZ – Governor Jan Brewer conducted a hearing today to hear what people
think about the budget just approved by the Legislature. But it was never
designed to be a balanced approach.

The list of those called to testify amounted to a virtual Who's
Who of those already on record opposed to the $8.2 billion
legisaltive budget and in favor of the governor's proposed 1-cent
hike in the sales tax. That includes state and local officials,
educators and those involved in delivery of health care. Sen. Ron
Gould accused Brewer of betraying her principles.

(We're Republicans and she's supposed to be a conservative. But
she set up a panel of essentially tax spenders to come in and
whine and cry about how the legislative budget's going to cut
their budget. I can assemble 10,000 taxpayers to show up and
testify that they would think it would be great that we hold the
line on taxes.)

But Brewer defended her decision to seek input from just this
group because lawmakers didn't seek input from those in
government who have to keep services running.

(They did it in the middle of the night. They never contacted my
office. None of the the people that operate government were
invited over there to have any input into it. And that is not

And Brewer said if lawmakers are concerned about public input
they should put her tax hike proposal on the ballot and let
voters decide.