Governor Brewer asking outside groups to provide more aid to needy

Phoenix, AZ – The governor said it's a question of money. The state's finances
are in the red. And there's no sign of relief even if voters
approve the temporary one-cent hike in sales taxes. Brewer said
that has crippled programs some Arizonans rely on.

(We know that as we go about making the kind of cuts that
government has had to make, that we had to reach out to
non-profit organizations and the faith-based community to pick up
and fill in where they can fill in, like baby sitting, checking
on your neighbor if they're ill and transportation, and all those
little things that commonly we would always do for our

One area is helping fund child care for the needy. A cap on
subsidized child care last year has left more than 10,000
children on waiting lists. The governor's office said that
without financial help, parents will either need to quit their
jobs or leave youngsters in potentially unsafe situations. Dick
Stafford, a pastor at North Phoenix Baptist Church, said the
program fits nicely with the mission of religious groups across
the state.

(We serve. It's our primary passion to reach out to people in
need and try to meet those needs within our faith.)

Other areas of need include finding foster families and helping
the elderly remain in their homes. For Arizona Public Radio this
is Howard Fischer.