Governor Brewer Appoints 3rd Justice to State Supreme Court

Oct 12, 2012

The choice was Ann Scott Timmer who now serves on the state court of appeals. Gubernatorial press aide Matthew Benson said his boss thinks she's well qualified for the job.

"Judge Timmer has a wide range of legal experience over the last 30 years including both civil and criminal law," Benson said. "She's been on the courts for the last 12 years and has earned the respect of her peers as somebody who's both fair-minded and even-tempered."

With Friday's announcement, Brewer appointees now dominate the Supreme Court. She previously named appellate court Judge John Pelander and Yavapai County Superior Court Judge Robert Brutinel. The move leaves Scott Bales as the lone Democrat, as Chief Justice Rebecca Berch also is a Republican. The appointment comes as Brewer is pushing Proposition 115 to require that she and future governors get at least eight names from which to choose all the judges they name. Brewer had to select Timmer from a list of just three nominees. Benson said the change is appropriate.

"We don't think that there's a shortage of qualified candidates out there for these various positions, including those as important as the Arizona Supreme Court," Benson said.

Timmer replaces Democrat Andrew Hurwitz who was named by President Obama to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.