Goddard leads in new poll for next governor's race

Phoenix, AZ – A new statewide survey shows the most likely Democratic nominee
for governor would roll over incumbent Republican Jan Brewer if
she seeks reelection.

Public Policy Polling found that 46 percent of those asked said
would vote for Terry Goddard against 36 percent for Brewer. State
Treasurer Dean Martin, also weighing a GOP bid for governor, did
slightly better but still fell to Goddard 45-37. Gubernatorial
press aide Paul Senseman dismissed the poll as irrelevant and
potentially biased, pointing out that organization which
conducted it does a lot of work for Democrats. Anyway, Senseman
said the fact Brewer is within striking distance at this stage of
the game is remarkable.

"The governor is who is responsible for addressing the state
budget crisis. That is her her responsibility right now. It is
what she is focused on right now. She is not focused on
campaigning. She doesn't have that luxury right now."

The only Republican for who the survey may be good news is
Paradise Valley Vernon Parker who filed papers exploring a bid
for governor. He said his status as an outsider, as opposed to
other potential GOP contenders, will make him more popular with

"I look at the mess the state is in right now is because it has
been run by career politicians. You have people who, all they've
done is run for political office."

Brewer has said she is leaning toward seeking reelection but has
yet to make a firm decision one way or the other.