Flagstaff Tea Party Rallies on Tax Day

Flagstaff, AZ – Nearly 100 Tea Party activists gathered outside Flagstaff City Hall yesterday on a gorgeous spring afternoon. They waved huge American flags, and smaller yellow banners with the slogan, "Don't Tread on Me."

Mitchell Krish, a truck driver from Flagstaff, held a sign reading "Taxed Enough Already."

"We're just concerned about the taxes that we're spending, the money that it's costing us, the direction of our country."

Janie Cook came dressed in a red shirt and sparkly red cowboy hat.

"I'm here because Washignton doesn't understand, they don't get it. They don't get that we know we have to pay taxes, but we really hate the way they're spending our tax money. They're wasting, they're increasing our debt, our children won't be able to pay."

While Cook favors limited government, she says she is supporting Proposition 100, the May 18th vote on a temporary one cent sales tax increase. She says the reason is simple

"Arizona is seriously hurting right now, we need the money."

Several Tax Day Tea Party events were held across the state yesterday, including rallies in Show Low and Prescott. The biggest was held last night in Tempe.