Flagstaff releases new draft zoning code

Flagstaff, AZ – It's been nearly two decades since the city's zoning code was last updated. Roger Eastman, the city's zoning code administrator, says the proposed new code is much more user friendly than the current one.

"If anybody opened the current document, tried to figure out what development rights they had they would find it extremely difficult. Because it's unnecessarily complex."

Eastman says that complexity in the past has stopped developers in their tracks.

"Developers have looked at Flagstaff and not been able to develop within the timeframe they want, because they've not been able to understand the code. Therefore we've lost development opportunities."

Eastman says the new zoning code streamlines that process. It also implements the goals of the Flagstaff regional plan, which among other thing calls for compact development that encourages alternative modes of transportation. Eastman hopes the new code will be implemented by next January.

Click here to download the draft zoning code, and to comment on the plan.