Controversy over South Rim development plans continue

Grand Canyon, AZ – Dave Uberuaga has only been Superintendent of the Grand Canyon since July, but that hasn't stopped him from stepping into one of the areas most heated controversies. Last night, Uberuaga asked Tusayan's town council to put the brakes on a fast tracked development project. If approved, the project could increase commercial development around the Canyon's south rim by 8 times and potentially imperil the area's fragile water supply.

IN: Hopefully we can postpone what seems to me to be a very quick decision and minimal process for the public to engage in and considering the scale and impact of that, I really need more time and I'm asking the council to do that.

Uberuaga said he does believe that there is room for economic development, but he said all sides need to work together. So far, he said, that hasn't happened.

For Arizona Public Radio, I'm Claudine LoMonaco