Congressman Gosar Wants U.S. Attorney General Out of Office

Dec 14, 2011

Flagstaff Republican Congressman Paul Gosar is leading an effort to show that the U.S House has lost confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder. 

Gosar introduced the resolution of “no confidence” over Holder's handling of the gun running program "Fast and Furious." Republicans accuse Holder and senior Justice Department officials of allowing the ATF to let illegal U-S guns slip into the hands of Mexican drug cartels without tracking them. Gosar says so far twenty two of his colleagues have signed onto his proposal. 

“We have no confidence in the attorney general," said Gosar, "especially with the egregious attempts and egregious nature of this interaction, not only on our side but on the Mexican side of the border without concurrence with them, and this needs to show that the American public, we’re keeping the heat on and making sure he’s held accountable.”

Holder has repeatedly denied any wrong doing and he’s rebuffed GOP claims that he knowingly mislead Congress about the program.

If approved the resolution of no confidence could be a first step towards a formal removal of Holder. House leaders have not signaled whether they’ll bring the measure for a vote, but Gosar says it’s picking up momentum.