Can the Governor Run Again?

Nov 13, 2012

The governor could be in the market for some 'Brewer 2014' bumper stickers.

The 1992 voter-approved measure limits state officials to just two consecutive terms -- quote -- which shall include any part of a term served. Brewer became governor in 2009 after Janet Napolitano quit and was elected to her own term in 2010. But the governor says attorneys, including one who worked for her, don't necessarily see that as a bar to a 2014 race.

"Several people have talked to me about that," the Governor said. "It's very interesting the way that certain people interpret the law and the constitution, if you will."

It is attorney Joe Kanefield, who is now in private practice, who said that Brewer's time finishing off what would have been Napolitano's second term does not count toward HER tenure. Brewer, who would be 70 in November 2014, said her refusal to tamp down speculation about another run is not a slap at other Republicans waiting in the wings.

"What it says is that I'm the current sitting governor and I love my job and that I have made major reforms in the state of Arizona," she said. "Am I burned out? No. I love what I'm doing. I think I could continue by making Arizona a better state in which to live. It's just something that's in my blood, I guess."

If Brewer does take out nominating papers it is virtually certain to provoke a court fight.