Brewer could be vulnerable in primary

Phoe – A new statewide poll suggests that Governor Jan Brewer would be
vulnerable in a Republican primary.

The survey done by the Behavior Research Center shows 30 percent
of Republicans think the governor is doing a good or excellent
job while 27 percent rate her performance as poor or very poor.
Pollster Earl de Berge said part of the problem within her own
party may be her support of a temporary sales tax hike.

"It has become almost doctrine within the ranks of Republican
elected officials and within rank and file that no taxes, no tax
increases or, better yet, decreased taxes as the mantra of the
party. And for one of the lead people to come out and say, look,
we've got a very unique problem here and we have to address the
revenue side, which means taxes, it's hard to imagine that it
would not cost her dearly."

de Berge also said, though, there's a sentiment that Brewer may
not be up to the job. But gubernatorial press aide Paul Senseman
said some other polls show voters like Brewer's ideas and
specifically want the opportunity to vote on the sales tax hike
she wants.

"The governor receives strong support in her approach to economic
recovery in Arizona. And I know that she remains singularly
focused on that, as she has for the last several months."

Several Republicans have already expressed interest in going up
against her in a primary.