Battle for Attorney General Becoming More Hostile

Phoenix, AZ – On Tuesday, Tuesday, Republican Tom Horne took shots at the
experience of Democrat Felicia Rotellini. Horne said he looked at
eight cases Rotellini's campaign had cited showing her background
and found there was either no jury trial or she was not involved
at that stage of the case.

(I think its a fraud on the public to say you're an experienced
jury trial lawyer which says says more than one time with respect
to her private practice before going to the attorney general's
office. And then to say she's a veteran prosecutor when you've
never had a single trial in your entire life.)

But Rotellini said Horne is ignoring what she did do. Rotellini
said she got a grand jury to return indictments charging people
with various crimes. While these are not trials, she said it
still requires preparing a case. And Rotellini said other cases
she handled as an assistant attorney general were trials, citing
one to close down a collection agency.

(That was a 28-day trial to an administrative law judge, with
witnesses and everything a jury trial is, just in front of a
judge instead of a jury.)

Rotellini said she did have jury trials before going to the
attorney general's office. But Horne said none of that compares
to his 30 years in private practice. For Arizona Public Radio
this is Howard Fischer.