AZ Doctor Flies To The Rescue: Relief for Hurricane Jimena Victims

Flagstaff, AZ – On September 2nd, Hurricane Jimena slammed into Mexico's Baja Peninsula. At least one person was killed, and thousands were left without drinking water and electricity. The hurricane hit a stretch of coastline dotted with small fishing villages, including Laguna San Ignacio. The only road in, or out, of the village was wiped out by flooding. The only supplies to reach the area since Jimena hit were flown in by the Mexican military and two Arizona doctors. Flagstaff's Michael Collier is one of them. He's part of an international group of physicians called "The Flying Samaritans" that's built a free medical clinic in San Ignacio. In a couple of days, they'll make another trip to the region and Michael Collier will once again be piloting a plane loaded with supplies. He spoke with Arizona Public Radio's Gillian Ferris Kohl about the mission.

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