AZ-1: Congressional Race Leans Democratic

Flagstaff, AZ – The Arizona 1st Congressional District may turn Democratic this year, according to Northern Arizona Political Science Professor Fred Solop.

The leader in the pool of nine candidates is Ann Kirkpatrick, Solop said. Kirkpatrick is being strongly supported by the national Democratic Party, and she has the most campaign funds and the best name recognition among voters.

"She has a record as a policy maker... she's a proven vote getter. She has the resources to run a districtwide race," Solop said.

On the Republican side, Sydney Hay is the frontrunner, although late challenger Sandra Livingstone has received some high-profile endorsements from local Republican leaders.

"These local level officials for the Republican Party were looking for a candidate. They were hesitant to endorse Sydney Hay. Her political viewpoints are more conservative than the center point of the party," Solop said.

There are 25,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in the 1st District. Independents number roughly 90,000.

The Arizona state primary takes place Tuesday, September 2nd.