APS rate increase maximizes energy savings

Flagstaff, AZ – APS will have to reduce the amount of energy it uses and increase its' use of renewable energy sources. This is expected to produce more than 20 percent energy savings over the next ten years.

By 2015 Arizonans will be using 1.7 million mega watt hours from renewable sources, nearly double what is being used now.

Kristin Mayes, Arizona Corporations Commission Chairwoman says the measure will put Arizona on the right track to advance sustainable efforts while also offering benefits to APS customers.

[This will dramatically increase the energy efficiency program and measures it offers to its customers.]

For Arizonans, this means more rebates on energy efficient air conditioners and appliances, more help weather proofing homes, and introduce a program called "on the bill financing."

[Those people that can't afford to put a couple thousand dollars into repairs will be able to do that by financing it through the savings they get through on their utility bill from those measures.]

The energy savings plan will be phased incrementally. APS will file a plan with the commission every two years to describe what they have done to save energy and what their future plans are.