Appliance rebates coming soon

Phoenix, AZ – When Congress approved a new stimulus plan last year they
provided some money for appliance rebates. Sort of cash for
clunkers for washing machines, dryers and some water heaters --
but without the need to trade one in. Only thing is, the program
doesn't start til April 12. So you're going to have to limp that
old washer along for a couple of more weeks -- or drag your
clothes down to the coin laundromat. But like almost any
government program, it's not going to be simple. David Drennon of
the state Department of Commerce said would-be buyers are going
to have to follow some procedures.

(On April 12 you'll have to either log into the web site or call,
there'll be a toll-free hotline to secure your reservation for a
rebate. After that, then you'll be provided with the information
you'll need for the rebate. Then can go and make the purchase.)

The rebate will come after buyers submit the receipt with the
reservations. Rebates range from $75 for dishwashers to $425 for
electric heat pump water heaters. But there are two big catches.
First, the appliances need to meet certain standards for energy
and water efficiency. Second, you're going to have to be quick.
Drennon said two other states launched their rebate programs
earlier this week.

(All the rebates were gone within that same day.)

For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.