Theresa Bierer

Anouncer, Reporter

Theresa Bierer started at KNAU in 1995. She hosted All Things Considered and Morning Edition until 1997 when her first child was born. Today, she works as a reporter and an on-air host when other people are on assignment.  Theresa enjoyed working with students as a full time faculty member in NAU's School of Communication but found she longed to spend more time reporting.  Her career began in 1980 as a high school TV news anchor.  Theresa's first paid job started in 1983 at Flagstaff's KCLS Radio. She did TV News in Oregon, Minnesota, South Dakota & Wisconsin before returning to Arizona. 

Ways to Connect


This weekend, the campus television station at Northern Arizona University will make Arizona history by featuring an all-female broadcast team. Arizona Public Radio's Theresa Bierer reports.

Motor Excellence is a four year old company developing electric motor technologies.   After more than doubling its workforce in the past year to 56 full time positions, the board decided yesterday to lay off 16 people.  President Jon MrKonich said it was a business decision, so the company could focus getting their core products to market.