Rachel Turiel

Earth Notes
12:51 pm
Wed November 20, 2013

Earth Notes: Salvaging Food

Apple harvest
Credit USDA Agricultural Research Service

In September, 2013, when hail damaged 5,000 pounds of tomatoes at Linley Dixon's southwest Colorado farm, she acted quickly. Facing the loss of $10,000 worth of produce, she rallied, via e-mail, a troupe of volunteers to pick every hail-spanked fruit off the fine.

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Earth Notes
8:51 am
Wed September 18, 2013

Earth Notes: Durango's Family Farm

James Ranch
Credit Earth Notes

In a fertile Colorado valley 10 miles north of Durango lies the epitome of a family farm. 

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Earth Notes
2:24 pm
Wed March 6, 2013

Earth Notes: Maple Syrup's Local Cousin

Extracting syrup from a box elder
Credit Rachel Turiel

The sugar maple might get all the attention for it's sweet syrup. But it's southwestern cousin the box elder also has a sweet side...

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Earth Notes
5:38 am
Wed December 5, 2012

Earth Notes: Eating the Wild

This year Americans will spend millions of dollars to eradicate weeds in yards, fields, and gardens. Meanwhile, a group of enthusiasts in Durango, Colorado, has come up with a different approach: eat the weeds!

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Earth Notes
5:00 am
Wed February 29, 2012

Earth Notes: The Mountain Roots Food Project

In a cold, high-elevation Colorado valley, a food renaissance is taking place. The Mountain Roots Food Project aims to create a resilient local food system through which a diverse community can learn, participate—and be fed.

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