Fall Colors Updates 10/13

Oct 13, 2017

It will be a beautiful weekend of weather to get outside and take in the fall colors of Arizona. Though many of the aspens at higher elevation have past their peak and dropped leaves, there is still plenty of opportunity for good viewing. Click the photo for links that will take you to the national forests fall colors pages that provide all the information needed to find areas still ablaze.

Joe Coyle/

In the latest installment of KNAU’s occasional segment “Weather Musings,” Meteorologist Lee Born answers listener-submitted questions about perceived shifts in the pattern of northern Arizona’s monsoon, as well as the effects of climate change on global weather. 

One of the most spectacular of all sky events is finally within hours. The partial solar eclipse in Arizona will begin at 9:13 am and continue until 12:01. Monsoon activity from Sunday overnight into early Monday will pose some cloud debris issues across portions of northern Arizona. While it is difficult to predict exactly where stubborn morning clouds will linger, we can try.

Here is a look at a model prediction of where the clouds will be hanging around at 8 am. The 11 am forecast is very similar.

Weather Musings With KNAU Meteorologist Lee Born

Aug 15, 2017

Several weeks ago we asked listeners to email their weather-related questions to KNAU meteorologist Lee Born. The response was overwhelming. Today, we hear from two listeners who want to know a little more about how monsoons's a new, occasional segment we like to call Lee Born's Weather Musings.