KNAU and Arizona News
5:00 am
Mon August 3, 2015

Verde Valley Farmers Give Back To Precious Desert River

The Verde River near Clarkdale

Farmers in central Arizona are working together to protect a precious resource that flows through their land. The Verde River supplies every drop of water they use for irrigation, and everything else in their lives. As the drought swallows up lakes and rivers across the West, Verde Valley farmers are embracing new and old technology to ensure their water supply doesn’t dry up. Arizona Public Radio’s Aaron Granillo reports.

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Earth Notes
5:00 am
Wed July 29, 2015

Earth Notes: Protecting Water Rights at Arches National Park

Arches National Park
Credit Courtesy

After more than 15 years of negotiations, the state of Utah and the National Park Service signed a water rights agreement this spring for Arches National Park.

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KNAU and Arizona News
5:00 am
Thu July 2, 2015

Geology Complicates Search for Groundwater in Williams

The view from the Sweetwater drilling platform, looking toward Interstate 40 and the City of Williams.
Credit Melissa Sevigny

The City of Williams west of Flagstaff is in the process of drilling a new well. Like many places in the Southwest, it’s facing drought and rising demand. But there’s another reason water supply is a challenge in Williams.  A fluke of geology has forced the city to take the lead in the hunt for groundwater on the Colorado Plateau.    

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KNAU and Arizona News
7:46 am
Mon June 15, 2015

Federal Water Managers To Release Water Level Projections At Lake Mead

Lake Mead from the Hoover Dam

Federal water managers are due to release a monthly projection of water levels at Lake Mead on Monday, and the rain in May might change what they say.

Last month, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation reported that the Colorado River reservoir behind Hoover Dam could reach a low point in January 2017 that would force supply cuts to Arizona and Nevada.

Officials heading water agencies in the two states and California took a wait-and-see approach, and pointed to fluctuations in regional precipitation since January.

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KNAU and Arizona News
8:45 am
Wed March 11, 2015

AZ Senators Oppose Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument Proposal

Republican Senators John McCai (pictured) and Jeff Flake have written a letter to Pres. Obama opposing possible executive action that could designate nearly 2 million acres as the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument.
Credit AP

Both of Arizona’s U.S. senators sent a letter yesterday to President Obama opposing the possible designation of the Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, they say such an action would represent a large federal overreach. 

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KNAU and Arizona News
12:49 pm
Thu March 5, 2015

Winter Storms Dramatically Increase Flagstaff’s Water Supply

Lake Mary in warmer months. The reservoir is one of Flagstaff's main water sources and is now more than half full after the recent winter storms.
Credit U.S. Forest Service

After the recent snowstorms, water levels have nearly doubled in Lake Mary, one of Flagstaff’s primary water sources. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, the reservoir is now nearly 60 percent full.

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KNAU and Arizona News
3:07 pm
Thu January 29, 2015

Arizona Lawmakers Attempt to Halt EPA’s Waterways Rule

Credit USGS

The Environmental Protection Agency is considering an update to the federal Clean Water Act. But, as Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, an Arizona congressman is trying to prevent that change from going into effect.

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KNAU and Arizona News
5:00 am
Mon December 8, 2014

EPA’s Proposed Waterways Rule Draws Ire of Arizona’s Senators

The Environmental Protection Agency is revising the Clean Water Act to clarify which waters are protected. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, both of Arizona’s U.S. senators see the agency’s move as an expansion of federal environmental regulation that could harm the state’s economy.

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8:40 am
Mon March 3, 2014

Pipe Dreams Part 3: Indirectly Exporting U.S. Water Overseas

David Sharp and his brother grow 2,400 acres of alfalfa, wheat and cotton. He says alfalfa is a good rotation crop because it puts nitrogen back in the soil. There's also a big market for it in the U.S. and overseas.
Credit Photo by Laurel Morales

Federal officials are cutting off water to some California farms stuck in the worst drought on record. At the same time Arizona farmers are irrigating their fields with the diminishing Colorado River. They’re using the water to grow most of the country’s winter vegetables, and even shipping some crops to China. In the final part of the series Pipe Dreams, a look at the controversy of indirectly exporting water overseas.

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10:49 am
Mon February 24, 2014

Pipe Dreams Part 2: The Future of Recycled Drinking Water

The treated water is disinfected under ultra-violet light bulbs in the final phase of reclamation.
Credit Laurel Morales

Most people are squeamish about the notion of consuming recycled wastewater. But experts say we might have to get used to the idea, given our current drought and the growing population in the Southwest. How does that water get clean enough to drink?

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